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Bathroom Painting Ideas For Your Miami Shores Home

Bathroom painting ideas miami shores

When you plan on bathroom painting for your Miami Shores home, it is a chance to create something you will love for years to come. There are so many ways to make the space amazing. Why stick with the standard wall texture or the smooth drywall look when you can have something that stands out and finishes off your design, making it look luxurious and unique for your home?

Take a look at the following bathroom painting ideas from our Miami Shores painting contractors at Sharp Painting & Flooring, LLC.

Bathroom Painting Ceiling Ideas

What does the ceiling in your bathroom look like right now? When planning your next bathroom painting project, how about doing something different with that ugly old popcorn ceiling? You can do anything with this area of the bathroom, so it makes sense to use it for a finishing touch when designing your bathroom painting project.

Imagine a smooth, pretty painted surface that gently reflects the light. Think about how shimmery the paint will look as it travels around the room and brings out the beauty of the tiles in the dark shower and tub areas.

Make A Big Impact With Cabinet Refinishing For The Bathroom Vanity

You don’t have to replace the bathroom vanity when you can hire a professional for cabinet refinishing instead. It’s an economical way to make a significant impact without the expense involved in tearing out the old vanity and installing a new one.

A Miami Shores painting contractor who knows what they’re doing can give your bathroom space a designer look by either painting or staining the vanity cabinets, shelves, and wood trim. The wood finishes will look fantastic next to your pain colors and flooring!

Make The Mirror Center Stage With Bathroom Painting

Paint color can do a lot to enhance any wall in the bathroom, so consider making the bathroom mirror the center stage. A beautiful and unique mirror can be even more stunning by choosing the right paint colors to create an accent wall. Go light or dark with the accent wall paint color to contrast the color of the mirror frame.


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