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Interior Painting Tips That Can Stretch Your Remodeling Budget

Interior painting tips that can stretch your remodeling budget dollars

If you’re remodeling your home or commercial space, there are ways you can stretch your remodeling budget and put the real expense where you want to. For instance, some of your home’s surfaces are in great condition and instead of replacing them, you can have them professionally painted which saves your budget dollars for those beautiful new top of the line energy saving appliances you badly wanted but couldn’t afford to incorporate into your remodeling plan before.

By choosing to save in one area, you’re allowing yourself wiggle room in another. Painting instead of replacing can make a huge difference in your remodeling projects, allowing you to have everything you want instead of only part of what you need.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Painting
  • Fixture Painting
  • Flooring Painting & Finishing
  • Hardware Painting

Types of Surfaces And Faux Finishes

  • Woods
  • Metals
  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Pebble
  • Reeds/Grasses

Painted Flooring Faux Finishes Options

Bamboo painted faux finishes look incredibly like the real thing. For instance, let’s say you have a bare floor and you’d like to have a gorgeous bamboo flooring installed but find out your budget dollars just don’t add up to that type of flooring option or that the real bamboo floor would take up too much of your budget that leaves you with not enough resources to finish the other aspects of your remodeling project. Instead, you have an option to paint your flooring in a faux bamboo finish that you won’t be able to tell from the real thing.

Professional painting contractors with skill and experience can paint any type of flooring for you that you want at an extreme lower cost that the other options for the real materials. You can have a custom marble, custom granite, custom slate, any custom wood finishes, and just about any type of painted flooring you can dream of.

Your finish will be durable and long lasting, and since the surface would be concrete, you know they will be durable and tough. Plus, if there’s ever a need to refinish them, they can be easily and inexpensively touched up or completely redone.

Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Painting

The same is true for all your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Anywhere that you already have a wood or laminate surface in your home, you can have a newly painted custom finish applied instead of changing out the woodwork. If your cabinets are solid, there’s no reason to completely repaint them. We can give you a completely new look without the cost of cabinet replacement.

Fixture & Hardware Painting

Who says metal can’t be painted instead of replaced? Do you have beautifully designed hardware on your cabinetry or do you really like the look but not finish color of your home’s faucets and other small fixtures? Do you have appliances that work great and aren’t ready to be replaced that could just use a simple face lift? There’s a lot in your home that can be quickly repainted to give a new finish that’s durable and long lasting.

Metal is completely paint friendly, so don’t think just because you have metal light fixtures or hardware that it has to be completely replaced to bring in a new updated look. In fact, painted metal finishes can hardly be distinguished between new.

At Sharp Painting & Flooring, LLC, we can give you many more options to stretch your remodeling budget dollars and we’ll do all we can to give you some great ideas. Just give us a call because we have years of experience to offer you and all the high quality, affordable services you need.


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