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Paint Color Trends For Your Home For 2018

Paint color trends home

Making changes to your Miami Beach home is all about staying ahead of the trends. The last thing that you want is for your interior or exterior to look outdated and passe. So if you are about to update or upgrade the look of your interior or exterior, now is the perfect time to learn about the color trends that you can expect for the new year.

Making the Right Choices

Some new color options may seem like a surprise while others seem like they could have been predicted, by the way that last years colors went. Take a sneak peek:

For those who like a simple look, you will appreciate the new trend is moving towards minimalist pastels. You no longer are stuck with just black and white, you can introduce some color. However, the shades are soft and subdued. Some color examples include sandy pinks and mint greens. It’s a modern look without the predictable B&W that is expected.

Blue was a big hit for a variety of interior rooms in 2017, including the front door. That trend continues, except the shades of blue now differ. Blue is calming and soothing; it keeps things casual without going as basic as a lackluster neutral color. Select the right emerging trend in blue hues for your home, based on the room you are painting.

Black has been used in so many ways in the home to convey the look of sleek and modern, and now it’s going directly to the walls. Black is the new neutral shade this year, and way more exciting than white or beige.

What lime green did for homes in the 70s, tech green is now accomplishing for homes this year. Think playful and bright, balanced by safer neutrals. Then introduce some highlights of equally vibrant and daring electric purples, warm yellows and watery blues.

Pink is a new power color for inside the home, and it’s not just about what you find in a teenage girl’s room. More evolved and mature hues of pink are all the rage for inside the homes of millennials – and anyone looking to get fashion forward with the visual aesthetics of their home.

The Pros Who Know

At Sharp Painting & Flooring, LLC, you can feel good about getting the best possible service, including expert advice. We don’t just expertly apply paint to your interior and exterior walls, although that’s certainly a specialty too. We can help you better understand what colors would work best for you and why, so you can feel good about the choice you’ve made!


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